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By Barbara Currie

This booklet comprises routines to tone and enterprise the physique, lightly operating the muscle tissue and inner organs, and holding the backbone and joints in excellent stipulations.

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H e re in is the dom ain of the Sàdh an a-v o w : (72-73) M a y the glorious speech-path of true-nature, c o n te m p la te d as the inseparab le triple vajra, create for me today the place of blessing by way of the D iam ond -h old er of Speech (A m ità b h a ). M a y the Buddhas of the ten directions, c o n te m p la te d as the inseparable three vajras, create for me today the place of blessing arising from the p a th of speech. H e re in is the do m ain of the M a h à sà d h a n a -v o w : (74-75) M a y the glorious h older of the C itta v a jra , con­ te m p la te d as the inseparable triple vajra, create for me today th e place of blessing by w ay of the D ia m o n d -h o ld e r of M ind (A ksobhya).

O n e ’s own consciousness w ith rem oval o f the upsurge o f knowledge a n d knowables, is known as the fifth, w ith a p eace composed of all B uddhas a n d a b id in g in all desires. D ra w in g forth the b re a th m a d e o f five knowledges a n d w hich is the self-existence of the five elements, one should im agine it in the form o f a tiny ball on the tip of the lotus nose. T h e g re a t jew el o f five colors is said to be p rá n á y á m a . H a v in g m e d ita te d on o n e ’s own m a n tr a in the he a rt, one should place t h e -p rá n a in its bin du form.

D esires’ acco rd in g to the passage, “ T h e y desire an d a re a tta c h e d to ” , are form, a n d so on (the five sense objects). e. e. ap p e rc e p tio n , o f those (sense objects) b y th e sense organs, th e ir ap p e rc e p tio n is the ‘ta k in g ’. T h a t is the detailed e x p lanation of the initial m e m b e r (which is the a rc a n e bod y of p u r if ic a tio n ‘afterw ards o b ta in e d ’ ). W ith the aim o f purifying the W ith d ra w a l, he states the seco n d m e m b e r w ith the verse ‘the five’ a n d so on.

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