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By Kathryn Tucker Windham

Jeffrey is the mischievous “something” that has headquarters within the Windham domestic in Selma. He first made his presence identified in October 1966, and because then he has persisted, at abnormal and rare periods, to clump down the corridor, slam doorways, rock in a chair, frighten the kin cat (now deceased—through no fault of Jeffrey), circulation heavy items of furnishings, reason digital gear to malfunction, and conceal gadgets. He often accompanies Mrs. Windham on her travels, and stories of Jeffrey’s antics are extensively mentioned. “Nobody has ever been terrified of Jeffrey,” Mrs. Windham says. “He is especially handy to have—we blame every thing that is going awry on him. His in basic terms function for latest (if that observe is right) is to prod me into accumulating and retaining ‘true’ ghost tales from through the South.”  

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