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By Gregor Hutton

This high-octane Science-Fiction role-playing online game for two or extra gamers has your area soldiers killing insects all around the Cosmos. You’ll improve in rank, increase your guns, slay civilization after civilization and discover who you're via an cutting edge “Flashback” mechanic.

Terra’s plan is to kill each residing factor within the Universe to guard the house global. See the place your travel of responsibility within the 3:16th Expeditionary strength takes you and your folks. enjoy the kill-happy machismo and luxuriate in a crusade of Carnage among The Stars.

3:16 is a Science-Fiction role-playing video game approximately Carnage among The Stars.

  • Take your squad of kill-happy soldiers and annihilate bugs!
  • Low guidance, dependent video game system.
  • Delivers constructing crusade play.
  • Lavishly illustrated and designed book.
  • Winner of a excessive Ronny Award for video games layout for the unique version.
  • ENnie Awards (2009) nominee
  • Indie RPG Awards (2008) online game of the 12 months (2nd), most sensible construction (2nd), top aid (3rd), Innovation (3rd)
  • "3:16 is one helluva kick-ass game" - Joe J. Prince, writer of Contenders
    "Fantastic, wonderful design" - Ron Edwards, writer of Sorcerer

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    You get one on promotion to Colonel. You can request a replacement if required using a Development Roll. 40 carnage amongst the stars BRIGADIER [rank 8] Description The highest officer rank that a PC can reach in 3:16 is that of Brigadier. You are in charge of the whole 16th Brigade of the 3rd Army of the Expeditionary Force. The Brigadier answers to the Terran Council and directly to the General of the 3rd Army. The Brigade currently has someone of this rank, of course, so promotion to this rank requires the present Brigadier to be dead.

    They run away successfully without having to make a roll. Depending on what the GM rolls this may be before or after the PCs attempt to kill them. 60 carnage amongst the stars Induce Weakness This Special Ability allows the aliens to try and induce a weakness in the target PC. It costs one Threat Token to attempt this, and each PC can have only one Weakness induced on them during the mission. When the GM spends the Token the aliens try to force a Weakness on the PC using their AA on the next turn.

    This means that they cannot use the NFA test to improve their existing weapons. But, as you will see, higher ranks do get access to gear and support items that are worth attaining in their own right. They also receive more orders too. As an option, once a single PC gains access to the Weakness “Hatred for Home“ then any other PC can acquire it as an available Weakness if they want using one of their existing Weakness slots. If successful on the NFA test the PC is promoted and gains one rank. The higher ranks in 3:16 are in Section 9 on pages 38–41.

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