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28 Fig. 3. Chromatogram from the thesis of E . Seidl showing the separation of amino acids ( 5 0 pg) on a thin layer of In203 (28). Reference sample: 40 pg prolin. Autoradiograms and their evaluation by a scanning photometer. START FRONT START FRONT For the scientists familiar with adsorption phenomena, a fixation of molecules on a solid surface is “adsorption” as long as the vapor pressure of the adsorbate is smaller than that of the pure liquid. I therefore emphasized as early as 1959 that, if partition of foreign molecules takes place in an adsorption layer one should speak of adsorption-layer chromatography” (20).

Chem. Soc. , A p r i l 1958; J . Phys. Chem. 6 3 (1959) 476. 7 H. Boer, J . Scient. I n s t r . 41 (1964) 365. 8 H. Boer, J . A p p l . Chem. 14 (1964) 275. 9 H. G. 109-132. 10 H. Boer, Chromatographia 2 (1969) 118. 11 H. Schuringa and K. Kampman, B r i t . Pat. 974 964. This Page Intentionally Left Blank 21 ERIKA CREMER ERIKA CREMER was born in 1900, in Munich, Germany, into a family of scientists: her great-grandfather, grandfather and father were university professors and so are her two brothers.

Vapour Phase Chromatography ( 1 9 5 6 London Symposiwn), Butterworths, London, 1957. P. J. J. S. , Academic Press, 1958, pp. 237-247. T. J. F. Wall and N. , Academic Press, New York, 1961, pp. 247-254. W. H. , Butterworths, London, 1958, pp. 189-199. G. A. Dewar, in Gas Chromatography 1958 (Amsterdam Symposium), D . H . , Butterworths, London, 1958, pp. 142-152. 7 J. Harley, W. Nel and V. Pretorius, Nature (London) 181 (1958) 177. E. H. , Butterworths, London, 1958, pp. 36-55. 9 G . Dijkstra and J.

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