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By Robert C. Solomon

Is enterprise ethics a contradiction in phrases? totally no longer, says Robert Solomon. actually, he keeps that sound ethics is an important precondition of any long term organization, and that excellence in enterprise needs to exist at the starting place of values that almost all folks carry pricey. Drawing on two decades of expertise consulting with significant businesses on ethics, Solomon clarifies the tricky moral offerings everybody in company face. He makes use of an "Aristotelian" method of remind readers corporation--like an individual--is embedded in a neighborhood, and that company values corresponding to equity and honesty are meaningless until eventually remodeled into motion. with out a base of shared values, belief and mutual merits, cutting-edge nationwide and foreign company international may disintegrate. in accordance with his conviction that advantage and revenue needs to thrive jointly, Solomon either examines the ways that poor values truly damage companies, and debunks the pervasive myths that motivate unethical enterprise practices. whole with a operating catalog of virtues designed to demonstrate the significance of integrity in any enterprise scenario, this compelling instruction manual includes a gold mine of knowledge for both the small enterprise supervisor or the company government suffering from moral matters.

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Money is peculiar, Simmel wrote, in that it is presented to us, by definition, as free of any attachments, whether sentimental or moral. " There is no morality of money. In thinking this way, however, we too easily tend to reduce business to an unsentimental, amoral activity. What we leave out are all of those personal attachments and obligations that surround and ultimately give meaning to our financial dealings, our work, and our communal lives. To dehumanize human activity is to forget that real flesh-and-blood human beings, with feelings and families, with real cares and concerns, are not only the agents of the activity but its beneficiaries and its reason for being.

How Not to Think About Business 3 The sad truth is that the image of making money—an image of materialistic selfishness—too easily eclipses the many virtues of business and people in business, their dedication to their work and their companies, their surprising selflessness in facing the job to be done, their pride in their products and services, and their relationships with colleagues and customers. It is the "art of the deal" that gets celebrated, not the production and distribution of quality (even lifesaving) goods and services.

To think of passing such tests as the sole reason for being in business in the first place is not very different from being one of those awful students who sees the only purpose in taking a course as a way to pass the test at the end of it. Either the course should not be taken (or given) at all, or the student has missed the real point of the course (and, perhaps, of his or her education). If we actually believed the self-descriptions of business activity as Darwinian survivalism and jungle warfare, we as a society would be quite properly justified in wanting to outlaw business as brutal and How Not to Think About Business 5 uncivilized behavior that served no social purpose.

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