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By Sangjin Park

This examine in comparative literature reinterprets and reevaluates literary texts and socio-historical transitions, relocating among the Korean, East Asian, and eu contexts (and with specific connection with the reception of Dante Alighieri within the East). within the strategy, it reexamines the universality of literary values and reopens the questions of what literature is and what it may well do. via shut analyzing of texts, it goals to offer publicity to Korean literature, in the sort of approach as to draw extra realization to the sector of worldwide literature -- and to target what sort of courting they could shape and what new horizon of literariness they could build sooner or later. This paintings can assist to place the geography of worldwide literature on a extra open and simply foundation, by way of exhibiting the porous nature of literary migration and delivering the lacking hyperlinks within the present discourse on global literature.

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There is no reason to think that it would be possible to determine metaprescriptives common to all of these language games or that a revisable consensus like the one in force at a given moment in the scientific community could embrace the totality of metaprescriptions regulating the totality of statements circulating in the social collectivity” (Lyotard, 65). 43. I have to add that the individual subject on which I shed light for East Asia discourse is crucial to deal with in the situation of globalization.

5. ” (Sinichi Yamamuro, Asia as Diverse and One [Seoul: Changbi, 2003], 31–64). 38 S. PARK 6. For example, Yamamuro observes that the construction of the nation-states of Korea and China, and the modern East Asian order, began through encounters with Japan, rather than the West, which had already constructed the Westernized modern nation-state. , 90–92). Yamamuro’s argument is that in East Asia, the construction of the nation-states emerged because of the competition within the region, rather than in any direct confrontation against the West.

Sang-Jung Kang & Yoshimi Sunya, Sekehwa eui Wonkeunbeop [Perspective of Globalization], Tr. By Lim, Sung-Mo & Kim, Kyung-Won [Seoul: Isan, 2004], 23). CHAPTER 3 Porous Modernity: Overcoming Modernity in the Age of Globalization 1 INTRODUCTION The problem of modernity is inevitable in this age of globalization. The age-old, yet-unsolved problem of modernity leads us to reflect on the past, present, and future phases of our civilization. Let me, then, begin with several pertinent questions: are oriental and Western societies divided by an unbridgeable gulf of mutual misunderstanding, or rather, are the “two cultures” actually united by a common objective, namely, to revise modernity?

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