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Thomson Prof. Elihu suggests that the cause of spluttering is due to the presence of impurities in the carbons, or from the sudden evolution of gas from insufficiently baked carbons. The Arc, Voltaic bow arc which appears between the of light rapid volatilization. ) Because small charges of arc, the voltaic arc because it was electricity are by means of the minute particles which are volatilized at the positive electrode. Thompson has shown that the tempera- ture of the light-emitting surface of the carbon isthe temperature of the volatilization of carbon v is therefore constant.

Aurora Australia. The Southern Light. ] ern heavens similar to that of the Aurora Aurora Borealis} Aurora Borealis. The Northern Borealis. (See Luminous Light. sheets, columns, arches, or pillars of pale, flashing light, generally of a red color, seen in the northern heavens. The auroral light assumes a great variety of apterms auroral arch, bands, pearances, to which the coronas, curtains and streamers are applied. The exact cause of the aurora is not as y,t would appear, however, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the auroral flashes are due known.

Back Electromotive Force. Back) (See Force, Back-Stroke of Lightning. ) Recorder. ) Balance Arms. (See Arms, Bridge or An Balance, Si-filar Suspension instrument similar in construction to Coulomb's torsion balance, but in which the by a of is hung by two separate fibres instead (See Balance, Coulomb's single one. Torsion. the weight is moved along balance comes to Balance) needle CtHti-Amplre Balance. Fig' 33- (See Solution, Bain's Printing Solution. Bain's Printing) Suspension. Bi-filar) An amBalance, Centi- Ampere meter in the form of a balance, whose scale is graduated to give direct readings in centiamperes.

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