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Skylab started out as a “wet workshop,” which was an active SVB stage outfitted on the ground with laboratories, etc. After the SIV B burn, the stage would be purged and made ready as a workshop. The observatory, ATM, was launched separately and was first to be a free flyer or docked with the spent SIV B stage, the workshop. As the program evolved, these concepts were dropped, with the basic SIV B stage being remanufactured to being a dry workshop. In other words, it was built and launched as a combined ATM and workshop with the docking adapter.

52 Figure 41. Space shuttle trades/sensitivities. Figure 42. Space shuttle typical mission profile.

Wind biasing technology matured and became a viable operational tool for adding flexibility and increasing margins. All these technologies required developing and maturing technologies in several additional areas. 1. Measuring and quantifying the atmospheric characteristics in terms of wind speed, shears, gust, and turbulence 2. Statistical data evaluation techniques, tools, and models 3. Structural dynamic characterization of complex systems. In the atmospheric characterization arena, the Jimsphere balloon and better radar tracking technology developed, allowing the description of the winds down to gust in the 25-m range.

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