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By Robert H. Thurston

This number of literature makes an attempt to assemble the various vintage, undying works that experience stood the try out of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable rate, in an enticing quantity in order that each person can take pleasure in them.

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Meantime, steam from the boiler has been let into the right hand vessel Pyv, the cock W having been first closed, and X opened. The charge of water is driven out through the lower pipe and the cock P, and up the pipe S as before, while the other vessel is refilling preparatory to acting in its turn. The two vessels are thus alternately charged and discharged, as long as is necessary. Savery's method of supplying his boiler with water was at once simple and ingenious. The small boiler, B, is filled with water from any convenient source, as from the stand pipe, S.

It consisted of a furnace, A, heating a boiler, B, which was connected by 1 "Philosophical Transactions, No. " World's " Royal Society," vol. , p. 357. Lowthorp's "Abridgment," vol. i. pipes, C C, with two copper receivers, B B. html (27 of 47)10/26/2006 12:30:20 Chapter 1 Fig. 11. Savery's Model, 1698. main, or " forcing pipe," G. From the top of each receiver was led a pipe, which was turned downward, and these pipes united to form a suction pipe, which was led down to the bottom of the well or reservoir from which the water was to be drawn.

None of them could be depended upon for safe, economical, and continuous work. Savery's was the most successful of all. html (1 of 18)10/26/2006 12:30:28 Chapter2 text was unsafe where most needed, because of the high pressures necessarily carried in its boilers when pumping from considerable depths; it was uneconomical, in consequence of the great loss of heat in its forcing cylinders when the hot steam was surrounded at its entrance by colder bodies; it was slow in operation, of great first cost, and expensive in first cost and in repairs, as well as in its operation.

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