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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Utilizing a game-like structure, this ebook illustrates the interplay of vegetation and animals within the Asian mangrove wooded area. The books a variety of tale paths show the advanced and gentle meals internet of the mangrove woodland. enticing textual content and brilliant layout support exhibit key curricular suggestions relating to meals webs and biomes.

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He swallows, he’s off Kingfishers are an impor tant sign of to hunt for more. He the health of their particular habitat. eats more than half Kingfishers eat lots and lots of little of his body weight in fish and shellfish. If there are any food each day! poisons from pollution in the fish, the Last night for poison will build up in the kingfishers dinner, the common and kill them. So if kingfisher kingfisher tossed populations suddenly drop, that could down . . Hab ita t Gau ge mean the habitat is in trouble.

To find out what another scorpion mud lobster is up to, tur n to page 32. Green Cat Snake 58 (Boiga cyanea) The thin, long green cat snake twines through the branches of the mangrove apple tree in the dark. She gets her name from her eyes. Her pupils (the black part in the center of her eyes) are tall and narrow, like a cat’s pupils in the light. The snake slides down the trunk. She flicks her tongue out at the green heron nest she discovered in the crook of the tree. Where is the mother bird? Off hunting?

To learn more about . . . the mangrove apples, turn to page 14. . the api api putih tu rn to pa ge 38 . trees, . . the golden leatherferns of the mangrove forest, tur n to pag e 24. D ef en de rs of Tree s s would At first, it seems as if weaver ant y live in. be harmful to the trees that the ause weaver Actually, the opposite is true. Bec ut any insect ants will attack and eat just abo rid of that lands on their trees, they get Trees with the insects that harm the trees. s without. weaver ants are healthier than one often take Citrus farmers in Southeast Asia aver ants to advantage of this.

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