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See Burghout (2004) for an overview within the research area of combining micro-, meso-, and macro simulation models. 4 Related research Some research has been carried out within the area of simulating ambient vehicles for driving simulators. , 1998, Espié, 1995) has used the approach of only simulating vehicles in the closest neighborhood of the simulator vehicle. Other models for this application probably use similar approaches even though such information not seems to be available. Most presented models have adopted the framework for describing the driving task proposed in Michon (1985).

3) outline special demands on traffic simulation when used to simulate ambient vehicles in driving simulators, including differences and similarities compared to traditional applications of traffic simulation. 4 that consists of a survey of related research within the area of simulation of ambient vehicles in driving simulators. 1 Driving simulator experiments Driving simulators offers the possibility to conduct many different kinds of experiments. It is for example possible to test different road-, vehicle- or driver place designs.

11 Example of shift and rotation of a desired speed distribution. How much the curve is rotated depends on which factors that addressed the reduction. Different rotation parameters are used for adaptation caused by the road width, the speed limit, and the horizontal curvature. 26 3 Surrounding traffic in driving simulators It is well known that the surrounding road environment influences drivers and their behavior. The road environment for instance affects a driver’s desired speed, lateral positioning, and overtaking behavior.

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