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By Robert J. Schwalb, Steve Kenson, Michael Komarck

In keeping with George R.R. Martin's fable epic, A music of Ice and fireplace Roleplaying offers every little thing you must play and run video games within the Seven Kingdoms utilizing an easy-to-learn process in particular designed to rouse the ambience of the bestselling novels and hit television express! The A video game of Thrones version contains the complete contents of the unique middle rulebook, revised and up-to-date, plus the full-length event Peril at King's touchdown and a stunning new disguise by way of fan-favorite artist Michael Komarck. You and your fellow gamers tackle the jobs of key participants of a noble condominium navigating the perilous waters of Westerosi politics and intrigue!

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Attaining the title of “Ser” established you as one of the elite warriors in the land. In exchange for the courtesy you receive, you are expected to abide by your vows, live up to the principles of knighthood, and defend king and country against all who threaten it. While these lofty ideals are goals, sadly, few ever come close to attaining them. Can you live a virtuous and noble life? Or will you sully your title with base living? Abilities Agility 3 Athletics 3 Animal Handling 3 Awareness Ride 1B Strength 2B 3 Endurance 4 Fighting Resilience 2B 5 Language 3 Warfare 3 Status Long Blades 2B, Spears 1B Common Tongue 4 All others 2 Qualities Benefits: Anointed, Long Blade Fighter I, Sponsor Drawbacks: Flaw (Thievery –1D) Attributes Combat Defense Health 9* Intrigue Defense 12 Composure Destiny Points 9 1 6 Movement 3 / Sprint 9 (with lance, Movement 2/sprint 3) *3 in armor, +2 with shield Arms & Armor Bastard Sword Plate Armor: AR 10 AP -6 Bulk 3 5D+1B 4 damage Shield 5D 1 damage War Lance 5D 9 damage Personal Gear Adaptable Defensive +2 Bulk 2, Impale, Mounted, Powerful, Slow, Vicious plate armor, shield, bastard sword and scabbard, war lance, saddle, destrier, 16 gold dragons 33 Chapter 2: Game Rules Godsworn Adult Expert/Schemer You are a servant of the Faith, and you provide religious advice and instruction to the noble family.

Next are the intrigue attributes, including Defense and Composure. Finally, you’ll find Movement and Sprint, followed by Combat Defense, Armor Rating, and Health. Gear The last section lists all the weapons, armor, wealth, and important personal possessions the character has at the start of the game. Chapter 2: Game Rules Anointed Knight Adult Warrior As an anointed knight, you won your spurs on the field of battle, stood vigil in the sept, and received the seven oils by a man of the cloth. The anointed knight is a paragon of martial skill, a beacon of virtue and chivalry in a cruel and otherwise uncaring world.

Invest Destiny Points into benefits up to the maximum allowed by Age. Step Six: Drawbacks Find Age to determine required drawbacks. Select drawbacks that most closely match concept, specifically your vice. Step Seven: Starting Possessions Roll a Status test to determine starting coin. Spend at least half your starting coin on possessions. Step Eight: Derived Statistics Calculate Intrigue Defense: Awareness + Cunning + Status Calculate Composure: 3 × Will Calculate Combat Defense: Agility + Athletics + Awareness Calculate Health: 3 × Endurance Armor Rating (AR): Find your armor’s AR (Table 9–2: Armor on page 155), and note its effects on your character sheet.

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