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Young scientists will discover basic chemical ideas and know about what occurs whilst an acid and a base combine and which solids are solid conductors of electrical energy. Many enjoyable experiments are nice principles scholars can use for technology reasonable tasks.

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Cut a piece of white cotton fabric into two equal-sized pieces. Stain both pieces with crayon, lipstick, and tomato juice. Try to make the stains—in terms of size and intensity of color—the same on both pieces of fabric. (Plan ways to do this. ) Label one large glass jar as A and another as B. ) Place a piece of stained fabric in each of the two jars. Put on the rubber gloves to protect your skin. Under adult supervision, cover the fabric in jar A with bleach that contains chlorine. Cover the fabric in jar B with bleach lacking chlorine.

What has happened? Rinse the eyedropper again, then use it to add drops of vinegar to the basic solution. Do this a drop at a time. Notice the effect of one drop on the color of the solution. Look for an intermediate purple color (the color of cabbage juice in neutral water) just before the solution changes from acid to base or base to acid. When you see the indicator turn purple, the solution is neutral. What happens to the color of the neutral solution if you add a drop or two of vinegar? A drop or two of ammonia?

Still another alloy is based on the metal titanium. Titanium alloys are quite strong. Over 10,000 pounds of titanium alloys are used to build each engine in a 747 jet airplane. In contrast, the amount of zinc used to produce a galvanized layer is quite small. 3 How Thick Is the Galvanized Layer on Metal? Materials: an adult centimeter ruler kitchen scale vinegar piece of galvanized metal metal shears glass or plastic container large enough to hold metal upright water paper towels The layer of zinc metal that is used to galvanize an object such as a nail is very thin.

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