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By Robert Gardner

What is friction? what's the coriolis strength? younger scientists will discover the physics of forces and movement with the nice experiments during this e-book. Full-color illustrations spotlight key issues to make technological know-how a snap! Many experiments are by way of rules for technology reasonable initiatives. aid scholars ace their subsequent physics undertaking or try!

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What happens if you turn one straw jet around so that the water jets tend to turn the cup in opposite directions? Can you explain why there is little or no rotation of the cup now? 7 What Makes a Shower Curtain Move? Materials: an adult shower stall or shower in bathtub single lightweight shower curtain small feather, light strip of plastic, or candle alcohol thermometer Some showers have a heavyweight curtain to avoid the problem you will be investigating. If the shower curtain in your bathroom is heavyweight, ask an adult to replace it with a lightweight shower curtain.

6 How to Build Hero's Engine Materials: flexible plastic soda straws twist tie plastic sandwich bag bathtub and water food coloring long balloon aluminum soda can with a pull tab string nail Styrofoam coffee cup scissors thread In this experiment, you will demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion in a bathtub. This law states that if one body exerts a force on another, that second body will exert an equal force in the opposite direction on the first body. When you stand on the ground, you exert a downward force due to the earth’s gravity.

Can you find a way to make your balance even more sensitive—that is, to make it respond to even smaller weights? 5 What Is the Coriolis Force? Materials: sheet of cardboard scissors tape turntable pen or pencil sink or bathtub and water You may have heard that because of the Coriolis force, water always spirals clockwise down a bathtub drain in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. You can test this idea for yourself. Each time you take a bath, watch the water as it goes down the drain.

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