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23 scription. She called her doctor, who scolded her for exceeding the recommended dosage and told her to stop the drops entirely. But Sally was feeling desperate. ” she shouted. But the doctor refused and said to have faith; if she left her nose alone it would clear up in a day or two. Sally argued and pleaded, but the doctor remained adamant. Finally, angry but defeated, Sally had no choice but to leave her nose alone. It was not easy. At first her nose just seemed to get worse, and Sally became increasingly irritable and restless.

This can feel risky indeed. Little in our normal life supports really trusting God. All around us we see bad things happening to people, and, at least on our terms, God may not seem trustworthy at all. Our culture communicates that truly putting oneself in God’s hands is superstitious, irresponsible, even psychotic. “In God We Trust” may be inscribed on American money, but the money itself usually feels more trustworthy. In this world of daily experience, Jesus’ words about the lilies of the field can sound naive, even dangerous.

35 Third, some questions about self-deception: —Do I ever find myself making excuses, denials, or playing other mind tricks to rationalize acquiring more possessions or power or to justify destructive behaviors in relationships? —Have there been occasions when I’ve wanted to hide some of my possessions from others or to disclaim my power because I really think I have too much? —Have I sometimes just discovered myself caught up in some securityseeking behavior that I would never have chosen if I’d had my wits about me?

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