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By Duong D. Do

Covers themes of equilibria & kinetics of adsorption in porous media. even supposing fuel section structures are relatively thought of, the rules & recommendations are appropriate to liquid part structures besides. CD-ROM incorporated.

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3-13) is very general, and with any proper choice of the equation of state describing the surface phase an Fundamentals of Pure Component Adsorption Equilibria 25 isotherm equation relating the amount on the surface and the gas phase pressure can be obtained as we have shown in the last two examples. The next logical choice for the equation of state of the adsorbate is an equation which allows for the co-volume term and the attractive force term. In this theme the following van der Waals equation can be used: - C T o) = R g T (2-3"26) With this equation of state, the isotherm equation obtained is: bp = ir^ e x p (ir^) exp (~ c0> (2 3 27) -" where b =b .

4-4) i kT VJg K 1 K1 where A is the thermal de Broglie wavelength, and j g is the internal partition of gas phase. 4-7) VK17 The behaviour of the Nitta equation is that the slope of the surface coverage versus bP decreases with an increase in n, while it increases with an increase in the interaction parameter u. 4-8) where C^s is the maximum adsorbed concentration, which is related to the site concentration So as follows. 's equation contains four parameters, So, n, b, and u. As a first approximation, we can set u = 0 to reduce the number of parameter by one.

4-10) where § is the potential energy, 8* is the well depth of the potential, and a is the collision diameter, which is defined as the distance at which the potential energy is zero. 4-11) a where N is the number of adsorbed atoms on the surface and A is the surface area. Substituting eq. 4-10) into eq. 4-13) T 2 l 5 A The factor 2 in the above equation is to avoid counting the pairwise interaction twice. 4-14) 38 Equilibria where u is the molecular potential energy associated to a site. Thus by equating the above two equations yields the following expression for u 5 n0A But the fractional loading is given by eq.

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