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Decrease the MoveDelay value to a smaller number and make observations. Find the right combination of MoveDelay, TiltStep and StrideStep that makes your Toddler walk the way you want it to. Save these values for future programs. Chapter #2: Taking Your First Steps · Page 45 ACTIVITY #2: WALKING BACKWARDS: BRUTE FORCE The Toddler robot can walk backward as well as forward but it is not simply a matter of using the steps in the prior program in reverse order. The Toddler moves in the reverse fashion but the functions necessary to do this will be different.

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When you pick the robot up, the feet outsteps should be slightly tilted downward. Adjustments can be made to the ball joints. The easiest way to remove the ball joint from the socket is to carefully pry it away from the foot with the screwdriver. Toddlers also walk best when their legs are not vertical – tilt them back one or two degrees so the center of gravity is closer to the middle of the feet. Chapter #2: Taking Your First Steps · Page 29 Chapter #2: Taking Your First Steps SIMPLE CONTROL AND YOUR FIRST PROGRAM Making the Toddler walk requires some patience – the Toddler has 36 different individual movements.

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