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By Bruce Kaufman, David Lewin

Advances in business and hard work kin is a refereed examine quantity released every year or biannually. even though the sequence is designed to target business relatives concerns, the editors welcome articles from students in various disciplines, corresponding to economics, legislation, historical past, organizational habit, psychology, and sociology. The sequence welcomes manuscripts which may be a little bit longer than is the case with such a lot journals, mostly in order that authors can discover their respective themes extra deeply.

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26 STEPHEN M. HILLS AND TERESA SCHOELLNER 1998 Greece enters to EMS in March. Special European Council in Brussels at the beginning of May decides the 11 countries which will accede to euro in the first phase, also the ECB managers and the process of determination of euro conversion rates. On the first of July the ECBS initiates its activity and its main organ, the ECB, with central office in Frankfurt. In December Spanish Parliament approves Euro Introduction Law. 1999 (January 1) Introduction of the Euro and monetary union THE EFFECTS OF USING ALTERNATIVE TYPES OF STAFFING ARRANGEMENTS Cynthia L.

Telecommunications company who were given the Hackman & Oldham (1998) Job Diagnostic Survey. S. B. L. S. Occupational Compensation Survey of Temporary Help Supply Services – sample of 1033 THS establishments. Telephone interviews of a stratified random sample of temporary help supply establishments in six metropolitan areas. 1990 Biennial Survey of Illinois Registered Nurses 1997 CAEAS Short-term hires Regular employees Agency temporaries None Agency temporaries None Agency temporaries Direct hire employeesa Agency temporaries, independent contractors, contract firm employees, on-call/day-laborers Short-term hires Standard employeesa Autor (2000) Autor, Levy, & Murname (1999) Bellemore (1998) Belman & Golden (2000) Chattopadhyay & George (2001) Cohany (1998) Christensen (1998) DiNatale (2001) Ellingson, Gruys, & Sackett (1998) Surveys of workers in two computer hardware manufacturing organizations.

4 Lee (1996) argues that other changes in employment law may have fueled growth in FSA usage, but these hypotheses are yet to be tested. Autor (2000a) also provides evidence of more rapid growth in THS employment in states where union density declined more slowly, although the direction of causality in this relationship is unclear. The unavailability of longitudinal data on employment in other types of FSAs makes it impossible to verify whether they exhibit similar growth trends. Nevertheless, the limited evidence available from surveys of employers is suggestive of growth and expected growth in the use of other types of FSAs (Abraham, 1990; Abraham & Taylor, 1996; Houseman, 2001b; Lautsch, 1998).

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