Download Adventures on Dungeon Planet: A Science Fantasy Supplement by Johnstone Metzger PDF

By Johnstone Metzger

Adventures on Dungeon Planet is a technological know-how myth complement for the award-winning role-playing video game Dungeon World.

This publication contains:

  • Four new personality periods: the Earthling, the Engine of Destruction, the Mutant, and the Technician. *Three new workstation races: extraterrestrial beings, androids, and white apes.
  • Four new compendium periods: the Alien, the Scientist, the Sniper, and the Visitor.
  • Futuristic contraptions, precise gear, and robots.
  • New ideas for spaceships.
  • New technology myth hazards and instance fronts that use them.
  • Procedures for developing alien planets and cultures.
  • More than 30 new technology myth monsters.
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    The Visitor First Contact When you meet someone new, you can ask their player a question from the list below. If they give you an honest answer, they can also ask you a question from the list, which you must answer honestly.  What are you trying to hide from me?  What do you not understand about me?  What do you want from me?  Who is your leader? Guardian Alien Replaces: Newfound Companions Twice per session, you may choose one of the following options:  Take +2 to a roll when someone else helps you, instead of +1.

    The New Flesh The first time you spend time in your workshop after taking this move, choose a part of your body. When you emerge from your workshop, this part of you has been replaced by machines and possesses special powers (computer brain, radio antennas, tank treads, temperature-resistant plasteel skin, x-ray vision, etc). Versatility Requires: Reverse Engineering Choose a second spell from another class. You can prepare and run that spell as one of the operations you have mastered. The Technician Technical Operations AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS Light AUTOMATIC ONGOING One of your machines emits light, of whatever colour you desire.

    Get +1 forward when you take damage. Ranger Your animal companion is also an android, and gets +1 armour. Technician Your machines are all implanted, part of your body. Collectively, they count as 0 weight and cannot be removed without causing you harm. Thief When you defy danger in an attempt to conceal something, take +1. Wizard Choose one technician operation. You can cast it as if it was a wizard spell. 53 54 Robots and Aliens Generic Aliens Aliens come in all shapes and sizes. They have been used as fill-ins for everything from exotic humans with strange ideas to the monsters in science-themed horror, while others have been created as thought experiment extrapolations of what life could look like in non-Earthlike environments.

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