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He strode down the valley and up the track on the other side. It seemed as if the herds had only passed a moment ago, having merely vanished out of sight over the crest. And again the sound of roaring voices assailed him on all sides; this time the presence of multitudes was more pronounced, though the noise was just as dim. He was suddenly confronted with the sense of an extraordinary fear. It had grown up within him unaware. It belonged to something within him that was as old as the track by which he walked, and with which his normal self had no contact whatever.

That might easily be,’ he said. ‘Oh, thank you,’ she returned softly. ‘Dear Godfrey said the shadowed parts of the downs were the only cool spots on the earth’s surface; didn’t you, 56 Godfrey ? ’ Godfrey, looking a little sheepish, acknowledged the fact. The two brothers were sitting opposite to one another, facing Armstrong, and in the common occupation of eating looked more alike than usual. Somehow at mention of the downs they both showed signs of mental abstraction. A pause here ensuing, Armstrong struggled to break it by remarking on the lonely farm.

A splinter from the wood were sufficient to cut holes in the softer substance. The question was—could the wood splinter? The greater chair was scornful of its neighbour, despising it through the course of many years, during which period that smaller chair had come more and more within its shadow. A door banged in the distance, and Armstrong started; the chairs had suddenly turned monumentally silent. They were furniture again, not prototypes. He wondered why he should have thought they spoke as 46 antagonists at all.

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