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By Amos Nur

What if Troy used to be no longer destroyed within the epic conflict immortalized by means of Homer? What if many mythical towns of the traditional global didn't meet their ends via struggle and conquest as archaeologists and historians think, yet actually have been laid waste via a strength of nature so catastrophic that religions and legends describe it because the wrath of god? Apocalypse brings the most recent medical proof to endure on biblical money owed, mythology, and the archaeological checklist to discover how historic and glossy earthquakes have formed history--and, for a few civilizations, doubtless heralded the tip of the world.

Archaeologists are informed to hunt human factors at the back of the ruins they examine. due to this, the sophisticated clues that point out earthquake harm are frequently neglected or perhaps overlooked. Amos Nur bridges the space that for too lengthy has separated archaeology and seismology. He examines tantalizing proof of earthquakes at many of the world's most famed archaeological websites within the Mediterranean and somewhere else, together with Troy, Jericho, Knossos, Mycenae, Armageddon, Teotihuacán, and Petra. He unearths what the Bible, the Iliad , and different writings can let us know in regards to the seismic calamities that could have rocked the traditional global. He even explores how earthquakes can have helped defend the lifeless Sea Scrolls. As Nur exhibits, spotting earthquake harm within the shifted foundations and toppled arches of old ruins is key this present day as the medical checklist of worldwide earthquake hazards continues to be incomplete. Apocalypse explains the place and why historical earthquakes struck--and may possibly strike again.

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His own words, excerpted from his book, bring to life the shock of the experience: On August 14 we had a small crew of men to help in the final operations at the excavation. We had dug down to a depth as great as the ceiling was high above the floor of the cave, or 45 feet. I made three detailed profile drawings of the excavation. . To make the record complete, time-exposure photographs were taken of all the walls. It was while I was engaged in this task at 2:10 pm on this brilliant day that I almost joined the Neanderthals with a couple of faithful workmen.

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