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By Nicky Rea, Phil Brucato, Teeuwynn

I'll Stand Beside You

Custos are boon partners, the acolytes, familiars, servants and sidekicks who stick to mages at the mystick ambitions. even though unversed within the arts of actual Magick, custos shape a necessary a part of mage society. those fans are greater than easy "allies" - they ofter spell the variation among survival and damnation!

Though Heaven and Hell may well upward push opposed to Us!

The sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension explores the customarily overlooked global of the mage's mortal companions. It includes:

precise ideas, benefits and Flaws for Hedge Magic, Psychic Phenomena and unearthly abilities.
Mage/follower relationships, together with recruitment, rewards and punishments and custos long gone rogue.
Storytelling tricks for acolytes, consors and familiars, a number of ready-made characters and more...

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Can the PCs reclaim the lost artifact and keep it from those who also seek its power, or will they fall victim to the denizens of the tomb and end up as eternal guardians themselves? 5 edition of the world's oldest RPG. The adventure features an icy necropolis frozen in time, cursed dragons, twisted giants, and the fell magics and devious riddles of the Queen of Witches herself! It also includes a description of the frost giant fortress of Holvirgang, and a new monster, the extraplanar scions of the titans called the Abyss gigas.

17. Throne Room: Two huge thrones carved of solid ice sit atop a dais at the far end of this vaulted cavern, beneath the displayed skull of a mighty ice linnorm. Hundreds of skulls and frozen, severed heads of humans, giants, and monstrous beasts are impaled on icicles along the throne room’s walls, victims of Grunginnir’s legendary greataxe Grimfang, a +3 vorpal icy burst greataxe. Grunginnir’s four personal guards (CE frost giant fighter 6) flank the jarl’s throne when he holds court and accompany him wherever he goes.

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