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39▪ worn smooth by the feet of countless pilgrims. " Father said if we yelled this loudly enough into the sky, then the enlightened ones would hear us and pour holy water into the waterfall to cleanse evil and sickness from our bodies. 10 Some people were washing their faces under the waterfall. Father, Brother, and I did the same. I took off all my clothes, but I could not wash and purify myself well with the holy water, so Father helped me wash. He said, as though speaking to a real person, and as if the waterfall could understand, "Please, let the holy water flow to banish evil and sickness from his head to his feet like taking off his hat and shoes…" I was impressed by Father's belief and quietly followed his example by praying to the Buddha in my heart.

In my arithmetic notebook, there were now more correct marks. I did all the exercises myself. How could I guess what the best students in my class were going to do? Arithmetic was the first class of the day. Three boys who were among the best students in my class scowled angrily at me after the class was over. They were students who had joked with me before. That day, instead, they were making fun of me. " They did not know that sometimes the rabbit falls asleep, and the turtle passes him, as our teacher told us later.

I had no appetite. I lay by Mother's bed listening to her heart beating, hoping that she would stay with me as long as we lived in this world. Only then did I remember what Mother had told me before; only then did I realize what she meant. But it ▪58▪ was too late, for it was truly ending. Father ate nothing, tried to comfort me, hugged me, and sobbed to his brother, "Daku, my children are so young. " Weeping like a child, Daku said, "Brother, you are now the only one who can console them. Don't be upset like this, otherwise the children will suffer more.

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