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On Banitu see K. Deller, Assur 3 (1983) 142f; in STT 88 iii 6, she is listed (after Musabsitu "Creatress") as one of the images of IStar worshiped in the Assur temple of Nineveh. For Urkittu cf. Cypris ("the Cyprian"), a frequent appellative of Aphrodite. 7 See in more detail JNES 52 (1993) 204f, AOAT 240 (1995) 398ff, and p. 6, commentary on oracle IA. The notion of Nabfi as judge over life and death also surfaces in no. 9:20f, to be compared with SAA 3 13:19ff ("Please Nabfi, do not abandon me!

Fpolytheism" ~Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. 16 [1974], p. 282, under. f God ). of the Tnnitarian doctrinc see Kelly Doctrines, passim. ~c:t~ ~sp;, Ibl~: p. ~ God s . Immanent plurahty (~h'ppolytus) and p. 113 on the idea of "distinction" not · d1VlSlon or separatlOn Inherent III the concept of the Tnlllty (Tertullian, quoting "the unity between the root and Its shoot, the source and the river, and the sun and its light as illustrations"). See also ibid. p. 265f, and cf. J. Taylor, JSOT 66 (1995) 32 n.

77 below. 3 ii 14 and 21; and 9:5. ere ascnbed to Istar. 4) just dIscussed. " For this passage See also nn. 106 and 268 below. 4-5 are explicitly defined as '\yords of IStar of Arbela," the Goddess speaking, as usual, in the first person sIllgular. 2), defilled as "well-being" in thc text, lhe oracular deity is not identified by name, but the content of thc tcxt as well as parallel oracles leave no doubt that IStar of Arbela is in question (cf. nos. ng to a "well-being" sent by Etar to the king).

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