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By Ron Stimmel, Small-Wind Advocate

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Still Beating the Drum: Critical Perspectives on Lewis Nkosi (Cross Cultures 81) (Cross Cultures: Readings in the Post Colonial Literatures in)

Lewis Nkosi is considered one of South Africa’s ideal writers and critics, and one of many few survivors of the exile iteration relationship from the Drum period. Up previously, notwithstanding, no complete size research has been performed on his paintings. it is a hole in South African literary heritage and feedback that this publication is meant to fill.

Deviant Peer Influences in Programs for Youth: Problems and Solutions (The Duke Series in Child Develpment and Public Policy)

So much interventions for at-risk formative years are crew established. but, study exhibits that children frequently discover ways to turn into deviant through interacting with deviant friends. during this very important quantity, top intervention and prevention specialists from psychology, schooling, criminology, and comparable fields study how, and to what volume, courses that mixture deviant early life really advertise challenge habit.

Messages from Water : The First Pictures of Frozen Water Crystals, Volume 1, Volume I

It truly is full of lovely photos of alternative water crystal formations displaying the effect of phrases, advantages and tune. The ahead of and after images of water from lakes, rivers or even faucet water are fantastic. The after photographs express an analogous water reworked by way of phrases, images, prayer, advantages, tune and worry.

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