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By John W. Barnes, Richard J. Lisle

Designed to be carried within the box, this pocket-sized how-to e-book is a pragmatic advisor to simple strategies in mapping geological buildings. as well as together with the most recent computerised advancements, the writer presents succinct info on drawing cross-sections and getting ready and providing 'fair replica' maps and geological diagrams. features a short bankruptcy at the necessities of document writing and discusses how you can retain enough box notebooks. A list of apparatus wanted within the box are available within the appendices.Quote from third edition"provides a wealth of fine recommendation on find out how to degree, list and write stories of geological box observations" The Naturalist"

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In Britain, the change is about 1◦ every 15 years. Magnetic declination must be allowed for when plotting compass bearings. 2). On many needle compasses, such as the Silva, Suunto and Brunton, this correction can be compensated for by rotating the graduated ring by means of a small screw. The compass will from then on give its readings in relation to grid north. Card compasses cannot be compensated: they can show only magnetic bearings and so every reading must be corrected. With practice, you do this in your head without thinking about it.

A traverse (bearing 62 ◦ ) is paced from the house, using the tree as an aiming point, until you reach point A, directly opposite an exposure at A . Mark A with your rucksack and then pace the offset A–A at right angles to the traverse line. Plot the position of A ; make your observations of the exposure at A ; and return to your rucksack. 3 Locating yourself on a road or similar longitudinal feature. 4 Compass intersections Your position on any lengthy feature shown on a map, such as a road, footpath, fence, river or stream can be found by taking a compass bearing on any point which can be identified on the map.

3. If you wish to change direction on a traverse, mark your turning point on the ground, with something you can relocate later depending on where you are. Obviously you will not be popular if you build cairns in a farmer’s field; in such cases find some feature already there. Otherwise a flat rock marked with a felt-tipped pen may be adequate, or just a few stones. Plot geology on short traverses by pacing and resection. G. Seal (personal communication), when mapping in the dense forests of Guyana, parallel traverse lines were cut on compass bearings, with the distance measured by cycle wheel/cyclometer and elevations for contouring measured by altimeter.

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