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By Mike Mason, Owen Barnes, Kate Flack

You're an Acolyte within the provider of the Emperor's Inquisition. You stand within the entrance line of an excellent and mystery struggle the place your responsibility is to seek out the foul stench of heresy, the vile alien, and the twisted impression of Chaos. you are going to tread the place others worry, venturing to far away planets, old area hulks and the unsavoury depths of the under-hive.

You won't ever be aware of status nor present, but in case you stand resolute your deeds may be whispered to the God-Emperor of Mankind and your identify might be respected for millennia.

• quickly personality production to get you into the sport speedy, by means of a life of percentages with an accelerated complicated careers system.

• Dynamic ideas for all situations that allow you to deal with every thing from social interplay to lethal fast moving strive against, psykers and psychic powers to madness and mutation.

• finished history at the Calixis area, the authentic atmosphere for darkish Heresy written via best-selling Warhammer 40,000 novelists Dan Abnett and Ben Counter.

• A galaxy of weapons to equip your acolyte, from lasguns to inferno pistols, chainswords to strength blades.

Pitch your avid gamers directly into the midst of darkish occasions with a whole experience to get you began. The darkish Heresy middle rulebook comprises every thing you want to begin your experience within the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

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Increase Intelligence by +3. Begin play with 3 Corruption Points. ” Increase Perception by +2. ” Increase Strength by +2. ” Gain the Frenzy talent. ” Gain 1 Wound. ” Gain 1 Fate Point. ” Increase Toughness by +2 and gain 1 Wound. ” Increase Weapon Skill by +3. ” Increase Agility by +3. ” Increase Willpower by +3. ” Increase Ballistic Skill by +3. ” Increase Fellowship by +3. ” Increase Toughness by +3. ” Increase Willpower by +3. ” Gain 2 Wounds. ” Increase Strength by +3. ” Increase Intelligence by +3.

Whisper has it he advises the hive council. ” A Scholar is in full bloom of his powers, wise, learned and skilled in getting results from the almighty machine that is the Administratum. Should they avoid peevish theoretical debate and infighting, Scholars become respected and mighty indeed. ” All the knowledge of the Imperium is hidden within the spidery High Gothic script of temples, shrines and archives. The Lexographer is the guardian and keeper of these sacred words. ” Loremasters have reached such a level of knowledge of the galaxy that they have now turned their attentions inward, looking into the very mysteries of the human soul.

As they peer fearfully at the blackness of space, you are plunging into the very darkness between the stars, uncovering ancient horrors upon planets long dead. You of all the teeming billions have been chosen to serve at the Emperor’s left hand. Yours is a weighty duty, yet a vital one. Not all Acolytes serve the Inquisition in the same way. Sometimes an Inquisitor has need of capable Guardsmen who can purge a nest of xenos cultists or an Arbitrator who can wring the truth from a petty thief. Sometimes an Inquisitor will need the services of an Adept to translate an ancient tome of knowledge or perhaps he must resort to dealing with Scum to get what he needs.

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