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Protecting themes similar to the rules of Delphi, VCL framework programming, and .NET programming, this ebook offers clients with 4 programming languages and demonstrates find out how to use them.

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To switch to complete Boolean evaluation, use the $B+ or $BOOLEVAL ON directives. Use $B- or $BOOLEVAL OFF to switch to short-circuit evaluation. You can also change the Boolean evaluation mode for the entire project in the Project Options dialog box. Figure 3-4: Boolean evaluation option 52 Chapter 3: Conditions Chapter 3: Conditions 53 The case Statement The case statement is a Delphi language construct that can be used to test multiple conditions. In fact, the if-then statement is suitable only for a small number of tests because it soon becomes hard to both read and write.

The bitwise not operator is used to perform a bitwise negation of an integer value. The following table shows the results of the bitwise not operator. Table 3-3: Bitwise not operator Bit 1 0 not Bit 0 1 The and Operator The Boolean and operator is a binary operator that returns True only if both tested expressions evaluate to True. The following table shows the result of using the and operator. Table 3-4: Boolean and operator Expression1 and Expression2 Result True True True True False False False True False False False False Let's say that we need to write a piece of code that can only work properly if the user enters a number in the –10 to 10 range.

If you indent code properly, it's really easy to see which lines are executed depending on the result of the if-then statement. You should always try to follow the standard Borland formatting style since it is used in the Delphi documentation, in this book, and by the vast majority of Delphi programmers. Even with a superficial look at the source code in Listing 3-1, you can easily see the lines that belong to the main block since they are indented. The conditional WriteLn statement is also easy to spot since it is indented even more.

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