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By Colin McComb, James L. Sutter, Rob McCreary

With the trepidation of an adventurer exploring a dungeon with a sweating brow and a 10-foot pole, Paizo proudly offers Misfit Monsters Redeemed, an in-depth examine 10 of the lamest, most-hated, and flat-out goofiest monsters ever to hang-out a myth roleplaying crusade. This soon-to-be mythical, 64-page, full-color quantity comprises all-new backgrounds, expansions, and counsel for huge adorable losers just like the Adherer, Delver, Dire Corby, Disenchanter, Flail Snail, Flumph, Lava baby, Lurker Above, Tojanida and, in fact, the insidious Wolf-in-Sheep's garments!

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Few seeds cast into the trackless void of space ever reach another world, let alone a habitable one, and to send one’s own unborn children away to face the very real possibility of eternal, frozen stasis between the stars is at once a joy and a terrible burden for the parent group. Once the opening formalities of the Seeding are complete, the f lumphs enter into the normal exchange Ecology A f lumph resembles a pallid disk trailing dozens of writhing tentacles and hollow, needle-sharp spikes, almost like a f lattened jellyfish.

Still, it quickly became clear that despite their hideous appearance, the lava children were still perfectly capable of fulfilling their roles, and the shaitans put them to work. While their masters ruled their lives, lava children knew no other way that their kind might reproduce. As spies were destroyed in the line of duty, their numbers Ecology Lava children are bizarre-looking creations of molded stone, which ancient magic causes to appear and function 41 71 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Misfit Monsters Redeemed were replaced by bored shaitans using the same effective but inelegant processes.

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