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Troubled and insecure youths and men – of which they themselves, whether knowingly or not, have in most cases been the cause. The problem is that women marry or have children by men who don’t really know and love them for who they are – because women fall for flattery and status, instead of seeking a truly compatible mate – and then these same women feel it is ok – as feminist controlled society has told them – to go out to work and not be 100% devoted to their child, which they must be. This critical early development of the first 0-7 years of life is what makes us all what we are as human begins, and therefore makes the world.

On Drugs and Alcohol 32 The hundreds of millions of Western women who watch Sex and the City and buy hundreds of pairs of shoes while the world plunges into starvation, crime, drug addiction, terrorism and war are the superior sex are they? But then they turn it around and blame all those problems on men. They are obsessed with men’s errors in all respects, such as for example those small few who drink drive and knock a child over (your author incidentally was once knocked over by a woman driver, but fortunately only did a cartwheel or two and got concussion, and forgave her instantly as she ran towards him in hysterics, fearing the worst).

But what they don’t do is ask where was that child’ mother, why was that child’s mother not protecting that child, supervising her, and keeping her off the road? We have a society that punishes men constantly for all that they do, and many times even for things they never did. For example, last week in England, a man who was a bookkeeper and defrauded around £1m from his employers to support his Internet gambling addiction was sentenced to five years in prison. ’ On Drugs and Alcohol 33 The same disparity is true of all sorts of other crimes, including murder, with in the case of even innocent men the sentence being lock the monster up and throw away the key, whilst women murder men left right and centre and get excused and set free on grounds of ‘abuse’ or ‘women’s problems’ or whatever.

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