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Thus, for elastic deformation X r or (3) Amontons' first law—proportionality between frictional force and load—is therefore likely to be obeyed when the deformation of the contacting asperities is plastic, but is only a special case (x= 1) for elastic deformation. It is conse­ quently pertinent to enquire which type of deformation is most likely to be in­ volved with polymers. Halliday (1955) has derived an expression relating the mechanical properties of a material to the maximum angle of slope of an asperity which can just be flattened into the general plane of the surface by contact with a smooth, rigid plane.

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C O N C L U S I O N S The factors affecting adhesion are many and complex. At present, it is extremely difficult to obtain a wholly consistent picture regarding the adhesion of polymers. Further work is required on all the factors discussed in Section 2. Much remains to be learnt about polymeric surfaces, in particular, with respect to any material of low strength that may be present. Despite the complexity of the situation, the following conclusions seem reasonable: (a) If no weak boundary layer is present, then sufficient contact between nonpolar substrates and conventional adhesives can be achieved to give joint strengths sufficiently high for most needs.

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