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By Stephanie Brown Ph.D


Feeling rushed, uncontrolled, and overwhelmed?
Feeling such as you can’t hold up…and can’t stop?
It’s not only you.

From the necessity to be continuously hooked up and the altering definition of “work hours,” to unrealistic expectancies of rapid gratification, bodies and brains are being harmed through conduct that, as with all form of habit, promise momentary pride whereas doing long term damage.

As a psychologist and habit professional who practices in Silicon Valley, Stephanie Brown sees firsthand the effect of ever-faster expertise and the tradition it has spawned. She is familiar with it’s affecting us mentally, bodily, and spiritually. during this groundbreaking publication, she explores how our ideals and behaviors are being formed by means of the doubtless unlimited new international we’ve entered in fresh years—and why swifter doesn’t continually equivalent greater. Dr. Brown deals a step by step plan for breaking out of the rate seize. With functional guidance, she indicates us find out how to ease up at the fuel pedal and reconnect with ourselves, studying to accept—and value—our boundaries as humans, lessen our rigidity degrees, and loose ourselves from our counterproductive obsession with speed.


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Changing Behavior 13. Feeling Emotion 14. New Ways of Thinking 15. Living a New Kind of Life Notes Bibliography PART 1 Speed: A Cultural Addiction to a Fast Pace of Life Prologue “Help! ” This is the cry I began to hear more than fifteen years ago as people started to realize that the world of technology, with its promise of limitless speed and a guarantee of boundless riches and success, had trapped them in a virulent downward spiral of addiction. “I can’t do it all, but I can’t stop trying. I wake up earlier and earlier to steal time to catch up, to pay attention to the kids, to pack their lunches, to get them off to school without shouting, to answer email from last week, to call the East Coast ahead of the rush of my day, to endure a slowed-down drive through traffic to get to the board meeting while I’m wondering how I’ll cook dinner and make parent-teacher night.

Speed is tied to the magic of instant success. Speed is instant discovery that promises billions in stock options and propels you to a Nobel Prize. It was, and is, all about fast—the fastest search engine, the fastest connection, the fastest way to get and spread information—and the high this race produced. Twenty years ago this high led to a full-blown experience of addiction for many involved. The addiction was the unstoppable pursuit of fast and faster and the behaviors, beliefs, and emotions that fueled it and reinforced it.

So try it on. If just a few of these questions fit for you, read more. You will learn how society has fostered a wild, fast, speedy life as normal, and you will see if and how you are caught in this frenzied world of behavior, feelings, and beliefs. Keep reading and you’ll learn what is necessary to slow down and get unhooked from speed, and you’ll learn how to do it. Twenty Questions: Are You Hooked on Fast? YOUR BEHAVIOR: 1. Do you want to slow down, but you cannot? Have you lost control? 2. Do you keep adding activities without taking any away?

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