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By Suzanne Levert

Critical suggestion, provided within the clean and undemanding "Complete Idiot's Guide..." layout, from an addictions counselor for those who are all for their addictions (to caffeine, cigarettes or alcohol), or different demanding or damaging habit that repeats and which they want to alter.

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Now your boss is steamed because the report's late and you've spent too much company time on personal calls. Your children are demanding, your mother-in-law keeps nagging, and the washing machine breaks again. You'd think you'd be looking forward to a dinner out, but instead you're 45 minutes lateand not for the first timeto meet your husband, who sits fuming at the bar with his third glass of wine. Bad habits. They're always there to fall back on. You feel let down at work, angry and frustrated at home, so you talk too much, you turn up late, you overeatyou find some way to release your negative feelings.

Oh dear, I do that, too, was an oft-heard phrase in our many conversations. We were also surprised at how many bad habits we sharedprocrastination mixed with perfection and a tendency to overeat when under stress, to name just two. In a way, writing about these topics helped us recognize, and then begin to change, the negative behaviors affecting our own lives. Another thing we learned by writing this book is how different the process of change is for everyone who embarks upon it. You might find it best to quit smoking cold turkey and do just great, for example, while your neighbor weans himself with six or eight weeks on the nicotine patch.

We discuss how lying, losing your temper, and procrastinating can get in the way of positive, dynamic associations with lovers, friends, and family members. We also provide tips that will help you break those undermining patterns and establish healthy communication with the other people in your life. Part 5, Calm Those Compulsions, helps you identify the automatic and habitual behaviors you just can't resist. ), overspending, and gambling. We also discuss a relatively new compulsion: logging on to the Internet and losing yourself there for hours longer than you can afford.

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