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Smoking continues to be the #1 preventable explanation for loss of life within the US. Pampel (sociology, Institute of Behavioral technology, U. of Colorado) lines the increase of the tobacco and the present criminal onslaughts on it. His precious consultant contains govt rules, landmark lawsuits, assets, an annotated bibliography, and development graphs.

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Playboy, for example, often appeals to adolescent males and includes many cigarette ads. Similarly, tobacco company sponsorship of sporting events, such as auto racing, women’s tennis tournaments, and rock and jazz music concerts influence youth. The sheer number of ads could also increase the misperception among young people that cigarettes had achieved a high level of popularity and acceptance outside their own families and schools. Until recent restriction, ads in magazines, on billboards, in sports stadiums, on racing cars, and in store displays were hard to miss.

Health claims were also made about mentholated cigarettes: They were cleaner, fresher, and tastier than other cigarettes. Kool cigarettes, the first popular brand to add peppermint extract to tobacco to form a menthol cigarette, used a name that implied that the cigarette smoke would be less irritating and hot. The tobacco companies also conducted research to find a safer cigarette and successfully marketed some low-tar and low-nicotine cigarettes. During the 1950s cigarette makers often made claims about the tar content—the particles contained in the residue or by-product of the burning of tobacco that are inhaled with tobacco smoke—of their cigarettes.

The documents proposed that nicotine was addictive and smoking caused cancer. Manufacturers searched for tobacco leaves and ingredients that would most effectively deliver the chemical and limit the harm of the product, all the while publicly denying both the addictiveness and perils of smoking. This dishonesty may have kept sales from falling further but would provide grounds of fraud and misrepresentation for groups to later sue tobacco companies. Rather than trying to convince hard-line critics of its case, the tobacco industry believed it should focus on appealing to those with more moderate views about the need to make changes in the smoking habits of the population.

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